About PFEC Australia

PFEC Global has been offering top-notch educational and migration consultancy services since its inception, with a deep commitment to giving students the chance to succeed under the right guidance.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

Since 2006, PFEC Global has been providing students with unmatched education consulting services by pledging to secure academic excellence. Our team's sheer determination and knowledge pave the way to new opportunities, providing qualified assistance in admission counseling and visa guidance as we ascend to the pinnacles of success. Thus, our clients achieve their academic goals attributable to unwavering work ethics and professionalism.

Moreover, our dedication to accomplishing the academic goals of our clients motivated us to expand our grasp around the world. Hence, we are now successfully operating in major cities of Australia, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka.

PFEC Global now represents over 550+ educational institutions in Australia, which include:

  1. Acclaimed Universities
  2. TAFEs
  3. University, Colleges, and Institutions

Our consultants adhere to a strict procedure to support the client's choices. As a result, it enables easy and hassle-free counseling sessions that guarantee a customised service based on your needs. Additionally, with our vast expertise in educational consulting, we help you overcome every challenge you may encounter.

PFEC Global's commitment to reaching new heights of success has helped 10,000+ students realise their academic aspirations. Students of all nationalities have resorted to us, and by working with our reliable partners, we have yielded successful outcomes. Moreover, even after they arrive at their preferred destination, we consistently provide all of our students with excellence in every aspect of service and experience.


To remain an industry leader by giving the highest level of client experience through ethical guidance so that students can make informed decisions on their career goals and become global citizens.


Going above and beyond to ensure that each of our student's career aspirations has been achieved through our guidance, and we achieve this together.

Corporate values

Strive for client satisfaction

Deliver as committed

Honor the trust you put in us

Strong cooperation for the best conclusion






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