Professional Year

The Professional Year Program (PYP) is one of the significant aspects of Australia’s well-designed education structure. The job-readiness program focuses on developing the student’s potential as a professional, bridging the gap between full-time study and getting a job in Australia. International students graduating from Australian universities can get relevant practical training during this one year program and develop insights that carve the path for their future career.

The Structure of Professional Year Program:

Professional Year Program The duration of the Professional Year Program is 44 weeks, giving students exposure about the Australian work culture and the specifics of their chosen industry. Professional year is undertaken in the fields of IT, Accounting, and Engineering

The Professional Year Program Offers the Following Benefits:

Proper understanding of the Australian workplace:

The Professional Year Program teaches students the professional code of conduct as per Australian standards, which plays a vital role in the student’s career growth.

Giving them industry-relevant internship placement:

Various universities offer the Professional Year Program to the students during or after the completion of the course. The internship program helps students to develop hands-on skills and gain the expertise required for getting the right job. Many students may get hired by the same company once they complete their internship.

Allowing students to build their network for future employment:

Students meet senior professionals working in their field of interest and develop their professional and social networks, which often helps in securing better job prospects in the future.

You get 5 extra points for PR:

Upon completing the PYP, students are given five points toward skilled migration under an eligible skilled occupation. Some institutions that offer Professional Year Programs to students include:
  • Navitas
  • Monash College
  • Performance Education
  • ATMC
  • ECA
  • QIBA
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