Early Childhood Education & Care

Studying early childhood education courses in Australia instils the necessary skills that allow you to mold the brighter future of tomorrow and entails incredible career opportunities in Australia.

Education imparts information, and information imparts a balanced awareness of our surroundings. Hence, becoming an educator is perhaps the most vital skill in society to bestow knowledge and shape future generations.


According to statistics, the need for childcare providers in Australia is expected to increase by 7% between 2016 and 2026. This is due to a child's emotional and cognitive development being greatly influenced by their early education and care. Thus, enrolling in early childhood education courses at the leading institutions in Australia can lead to a demanding career as a skilled childcare professional.


The benefits of improving the skills as an early childhood educator nourish one's patience, entitlement to creativity, self-awareness, and power to break barriers with excellent communication. Pursuing a career in early childhood education, there is a significant demand for qualified candidates to fill the roles of early childhood educators and teachers in Australia, where over 1.3 million children from over 974,600 families use approved early learning services.

Entry Requirement

Certificate III + Diploma of Early Childhood Education:

    • Class 12th (successful completion of Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Indicator Test)
    • IELTS/PTE 5.5 overall with no band score less than 5.0

Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education:

    • Candidates must have completed at least a Bachelor's degree in any field after 15 years of schooling.
    • Minimum grade point average (CGPA) of 2.50 or 2nd class/division in any academic year.

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary):

    • Diploma or 12th class with Mathematics (CASPER Test)
    • English: IELTS 7.0 on each band; few universities accept 6.5 (6.0)

Bachelor of Secondary Education:

    • Diploma or 12th class having relevant subjects in senior high school exams
    • English: IELTS 7.0 on each band; few universities accept 6.5 on each band

Master of Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary or Secondary):

    • Applicants undertaking the Master of Teaching must hold a Bachelor's degree or approved equivalent in a relevant discipline (CASPER Test)
    • English: IELTS 7.5 (Speaking, Listening 8 and Reading, Writing 7)

Career Pathways

Career Outcome:

    1. Early Childhood Educator
    2. Out-Of-School-Hours Educator or Coordinator
    3. Family Daycare Operator
    4. Educational Leader
    5. Early Childhood Centre Director Or Coordinator
    6. Early Childhood Programs and Primary School Settings (Preparatory to Year 6)
    7. Teachers/Educators

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to study early childhood care and education in Australia?

The bachelor's degree program in early childhood education is a specialised one. As a result, students can anticipate paying annual tuition fees of about AUD $25,000 or more.

What are the career outcomes in early childhood education?

Graduates with degrees in early childhood education have a wide range of career options, such as becoming Preschool Teachers, Teacher of Elementary and Kindergarten Students, Nanny, Director of a Daycare Centre, Worker in Child Care, Teacher of Special Education, Psychologist, or the School Counsellor.

What is the starting pay for an Australian early childhood education graduate?

Early childhood educators in Australia make an average of $77,325 annually, or $39.65 per hour.

Can international students get full scholarships in Australia?

Students will be given the opportunity to receive a scholarship worth up to $25,000 to pursue or finish a bachelor's degree in early childhood education that has been approved by the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

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