Social Work

Given the growing vulnerabilities in human behavior, pursuing Social Work courses in Sydney, Australia could be instrumental in helping individuals towards a better life.

Social workers confront social justice, alleviate human suffering, and enhance communities with the will to live and let live. Moreover, when there’s a need to reduce poverty and protect children, typically social workers play their part to mitigate the issues.


Although social work courses in Australia are among the easiest to complete academically, they are among the most challenging to put into practice in the real world. As a social work graduate, you may establish a principle of living lives for yourself and others. Thus, by increasing high morals, your chances of landing an incredible career opportunity are certain if supporting people in society piques your interest.


You can pursue a social work degree from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or any other Australian city. You can also work as a social worker in the medical field or in the fields of recovery treatment, mental health, marriage, or others. Many recent social work graduates are drawn to careers as counselors in NGOs, INGOs, or even for the government of a nation.

Entry Requirement

Bachelor of Social Work:

    • Education: Class 12th with 60% – 70% overall
    • English Proficiency: IELTS 7 (no band less than 5.5) or PTE 65-73 (No band less than 43-50)

Master of Social Work (Qualifying):

    • Education: A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
    • English Proficiency: IELTS 7 (no band less than 6.0) or PTE 65-73 (No band less than 50-58)

Career Pathways

Career Outcome:

    1. Child Safety Practitioner
    2. Social Worker
    3. Youth Worker
    4. Mental Health Practitioner
    5. Community Development Worker
    6. Migrant and Refugee Settlement Workers
    7. Drug and Alcohol Counselor
    8. Relationships Counselor
    9. Disability Advocate
    10. Hospital Social Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is social work a good career outcome in Australia?

One of the professions with the fastest rate of growth is social work, which is in high demand both in Australia and around the world. You may apply for a visa under the Skilled Migration Program since the profession is listed on the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

How much does an Australian social worker earn?

Australia's national average for social workers is $95,825, or $49.14 per hour. Most experienced workers can earn up to $112,443 per year, while entry-level positions start at $80,259 annually.

How do I apply for a full scholarship to Australia?

Australia provides numerous scholarships for foreign students. Scholarships are primarily awarded on the basis of merit, and applicants must provide evidence of their eligibility.

How many units are in a social work course?

The BSW program contains 32 units (8 units x 4 years).

How much does social work education cost in Australia?

International students' annual tuition costs for bachelor's degrees in Australia start at around AUD $26,000, with the average annual tuition costing around AUD $30,000.

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