Cyber Security is the Future: Why Choose Australia for Cyber Security Course?

May 8, 2021

Working remotely, especially from home is becoming a new normal. And for some it's convenient, but it poses serious issues of cyber-security for others.

The threat posed by cybercriminals against companies operating in this new environment is very real and many are not prepared. A recent RMIT report on Australia's digital skills gap revealed that 87% of workplaces in Australia require digital literacy, but fewer than 5% of those surveyed said work in the area of coding, programming, cybersecurity, blockchain, and cloud-based services would be comfortable.

The Value of Cyber Security Degree


Many universities and colleges have developed new graduate degree programs in cybersecurity by raising awareness around the concerns of growing cyber threats endangering companies, governments and citizens alike.

Most programs have been thoughtfully developed to prepare cybersecurity professionals with lifelong learning skills and the ability to combat adversaries from theoretical as well as tactical backgrounds with feedback from field practitioners, local and national stakeholders, and business thought leaders.

The Future Possibilities Are Endless

Although cybersecurity skills are highly sought after, there is a shortage of people with these abilities.

The future of cybersecurity is closely linked to the future of Information Technology (IT). The following patterns are expected to increase over the next decade, as stated by Forbes.

  • Country-sponsored organisations will continue to develop cyber-attack capabilities for the purposes of defense and crime.
  • Criminal organisations will continue to search for ways to use cyberattacks for economic benefit.
  • To send their messages across to the general public, hacktivists will continue using cyberspace.
  • Terrorism organisations will shift their operations to cyberspace.
  • People with the requisite technical skills, but no apparent motive, will continue to contribute to the ecosystem of attackers as a way to demonstrate their skills.

Cybersecurity Will Take You To Places


Cybercrime transcends boundaries and law enforcement jurisdiction as it could even transcend from one side of the planet to the other.

In process, intent and venue, the world's biggest data breaches are extremely varied. One of the biggest data breaches in history, committed against Yahoo, has come to light only recently and has affected more than one billion users.

Over the next decade, the Australian Government is investing over $600 million in cybersecurity, solidifying job prospects at home. However, certification for cybersecurity could really take you anywhere in the world.

Check out the benefits you can avail if you plan to pursue a career in cyber-security from Australia.


Those who are in a career, can still follow their dreams of gaining a credential for cybersecurity or a degree that will suit their bill and balance their periods of work and research. For students who are working part-time, several personalised and hybrid programmes are also available.

Career Prospects

There are numerous career opportunities for those with a degree in cybersecurity studies or any other recognised degree in the discipline. With job openings in every state and industry, private and public, it’s of high value to earn a Bachelors and/or Masters in the discipline.

Job Protection


This goes without saying- There has been no better time to join this field of cybersecurity than this. For those taking a plunge in this sector, the work prospect is very bright. There is an ever-growing gap between demand and supply.

Raising wages

In the technology sector, computer security experts are among the most heavily paid. Because of their unique skills that make them in such high demand, salaries are never a constraint among these professionals. In Australia, the average Cyber Security salary would range from $75000-$120,000 and they are always on the rise.

Innumerable Networking Opportunities

Graduate school is the best place to network and have common connections for cybersecurity students and their prospects under this discipline. Networking not only helps to improve one's awareness and insight but may also help you search for post-graduate opportunities.

Wrapping Up

All would be searching for graduates with a cybersecurity base, be it small companies, large organisations or government sectors. They will be looking for IT experts, but they also need administrators who understand the industry's needs, communication specialists who can educate individuals about how to protect themselves, and legal practitioners who have in-depth knowledge of privacy laws and various jurisdictions. Prepare for a future that’s arriving today with the student counsellors of PFEC Global.

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