English languageproficiency test support

Prepare for a fair and accurate assessment of English language proficiency tests that maximizes the academic and professional career in a native English-speaking country.

Why sit for PTE /IELTS?

Taking the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) accelerates entry into any major English-speaking country for study purposes. Indeed, most international schools, colleges, universities, employers, immigration authorities, professional agencies, and government bodies acknowledge and demand English language test scores on their admission requirements. Therefore, having successfully taken a PTE or IELTS test, you will be leading to a path full of opportunities.

As the number of students aspiring for overseas education is gradually increasing, these exams have become one of the prime assessment criteria for aspirants seeking educational and job opportunities abroad. Consequently, to enhance the scopes for students searching for a productive English language course in Bangladesh, we run IELTS and PTE coaching in Dhaka named ‘Enhance English Bangladesh’ with experienced trainers, adequate training, and premium resources. In our IELTS/ PTE coaching, we allow you to sit for IELTS / PTE Mock tests, get your Mock tests evaluated by professionals, and register for your IELTS / PTE exam. Concisely, we ensure paramount IELTS and PTE academic training in Bangladesh.

Why choose ‘Enhance English Bangladesh’?
  1. Our highly qualified trainers interact closely with the students and guide them toward success.
  2. During the course, we provide study materials that are prepared in reference to the latest exam trends.
  3. Our study material includes the most relevant list of visual vocab to enhance your word power.
  4. We arrange several practice tests free of cost during the training period based on the actual exam pattern.
  5. We do not only provide language training but also support the students in registering and booking the final test.