How to get a job in your field after completing your IT study?

Studying in Australia offers students a significant advantage as they can smoothly transition into their chosen careers through well-structured courses. Australian universities maintain high standards and provide essential support for both professional and personal growth, ensuring that students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge upon completing their studies.


In the field of Information Technology, job prospects are abundant, as Australia hosts some of the world's largest tech giants, such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, Samsung, and Intel.


However, for those with a graduate or postgraduate IT degrees seeking employment in the IT industry, they may face a feeling of unfamiliarity. This is normal, since, we are never born prepared, we learn and understand as we proceed to tackle that comes our way.


Therefore, in this article, we will get to know about the things you should be aware of and be familiar with to kickstart your career in the IT industry.


Career possibilities & job roles


When you possess strong IT skills right after graduation, most companies are likely to express keen interest in hiring a motivated professional, and you could become that career-driven person.


Additionally, freelancing is a viable option, given the substantial demand for freelancers on a number of platforms online such as Fiverr, Upwork, and others.


Experienced developers often have proficiency in multiple programming languages, and similar learning techniques can be applied when acquiring proficiency in a foreign language.


Job roles that are likely to be of interest to IT students include:

  • Data Analyst or Data Analyst or System Analyst

  • Database Administrator

  • Network Administrator

  • IT Support Analyst

  • Web developer or UI/UX Designer

  • Data Visualization Analyst

  • Systems Developer

  • Software Developer

  • Mobile Developer

  • IT Consultant

  • Cyber Security Specialist

What should you do next?


If you've completed courses related to cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data management, mobile computing, or information systems and cybersecurity, job opportunities are readily available.


Additionally, the technology industry has generated approximately 33,000 new jobs in the past three years, with a continued demand for skilled IT professionals.


Here are the things, you should do:

  • Apply for a Professional Year Program

International students who have completed their graduation in engineering, computers, and accounting can apply for the Professional Year Program (PYP). The one year program helps students gain practical experience in their field and learn about the Australian work culture. Furthermore, employers in Australia prefer hiring students who have completed PYP. You are an eligible applicant if you have a successful skill assessment from the relevant assessing bodies (ACS, EEA, IPA and ICAA).


How does it help?

  • Experience & Confidence Build Up

The Professional Year Program (PYP) offers valuable boosting that advances your tech career and sometimes may lead to permanent residency in Australia as well.


This program not only helps you gain practical knowledge of the tech world but also provides real-world work experience with renowned companies. Ultimately, resulting in enhanced skills, expertise, and confidence that you need as an IT graduate.

  • Strong Resume and Professional Networking

The PYP leads the path to a guaranteed internship and the opportunity to build your experience as a tech enthusiast, as well as building a strong professional network.


Be mindful, networking is the most helpful tool that will boost your professional growth. Which is why when you get a reference either from your employer during your internship or from a tech professional you've formed a connection with during your program can significantly uplift your scope in Australia's competitive tech industry.

  • Greater Future Opportunities

Ambitious individuals will be all around you, with ambitions comes greater challenges and competition. Thus, building a strong network in your community, enhancing expertise, and learning the ins & outs of the industry will support you throughout the journey.


These challenges you face will eventually help you find the opportunities that will flourish your career. Nothing is achieved without breaking a sweat.

  • Apply for Work Visa

If you have completed two years of study in Australia, you are eligible to apply for a 485 work visa. The visa allows you to stay in the country and gain work experience of two to four years.


Know the different types of work visas:

  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

If the IT Professionals have the skills that are required in Australia’s tech industry and have the competency to work in Australia’s work culture. Then applying for this Subclass 482 will allow them to work in Australia companies or an employer when there is a shortage of individuals with the required expertise to fill the position.

  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 494)

Subclass 494 is a temporary visa, and as an IT Professional it is likely to allow you to reside in Australia for a period of 5 years.


However, you must ensure that you have secured employment in your nominated IT occupation, working either within the sponsoring business or an affiliated entity. And all this is situated in a specified regional area of Australia.


Moreover, the visa comes with a perk that includes a pathway to permanent residency through Subclass 191.

  • Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) (Subclass 482 to 186)

Through the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA), employers in regions with DAMA agreements can support skilled and partially-skilled IT professionals from overseas to fill positions where there's a scarcity of local talent.

Get Yourself Sponsored


Australia has a straightforward point system to determine a person's qualifications for most visas.


The following factors along with one of its parameters suitable to you are considered for gaining points.

  • Age (30 points if your age is from 25 to 32)

  • Higher Education Qualification (15 points for a Bachelor / Master degree graduates)

  • Australian Educational Qualification (5 points if you complete a 2- years Qualification)

  • Regional Study (5 points)

  • Work Experience - Outside Australia (5 points for 3 to 5 years of experience)

  • Work Experience - Within Australia (5 points for 1 to 3 years of experience)

  • English Language Ability (10 points for proficient English language)

  • Accredited Community Language (5 points accredited at the paraprofessional level or above for interpreting or translating in a language that are offered accreditation by the NAATI)

  • Professional Year Program (5 points)



IT is the most sought after and demanding career option international students are looking for to study in Australia. And why not? The career possibilities are immense in this country for the promising and growth-driven IT professionals, all you need is a bit of guidance to the right path of the future you want for yourself.


If you have completed your study and are looking for professional guidance for a secure future, PFEC Global is the best place to visit. Our experienced professionals are here to provide you with the necessary support for achieving your career and migration goals.


Please reach out to us at +610396201773 (Melbourne), +610283784282 (Sydney), +610870992258 (Adelaide) for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Which are the highest paid jobs as an IT Professional in 2023?


Answer: The most lucrative positions globally include roles like Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, AI/ML Architect, IoT Solutions Architect, Cloud Architect, and Blockchain Developer, which are known for their high earning potential.


Which are the highest paid jobs as an IT Professional in 2023?


Answer: The most lucrative positions globally include roles like Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, AI/ML Architect, IoT Solutions Architect, Cloud Architect, and Blockchain Developer, which are known for their high earning potential.

Got a question?

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