Mastering Your Exam Prep: 10 Study Hacks for Exam Period

Exams are probably the only moments in a student's life, where nerves kick in and anticipation runs high. Keeping them on edge with thoughts about what if they don't perform well, what if they've missed something crucial, thus, leaving them constantly pondering the unknown.


This is the most common case to witness in every student's life. However, there’s nothing to worry about! Exams are all about preparation and we've got some best exam hacks for you to follow, that’ll help you prepare and ace your quizzes, mids, and finals.


10 Study Hacks for Exam Period


1. Prepare & Schedule


Pulling an all-nighter, fueled by coffee and energy drinks. Does this sound familiar? Well, this is something that every student does while preparing for examinations: they procrastinate with all of the remaining time they have to prepare, assuming they'll be able to do everything in one or two days before the tests.


It could work occasionally if you're lucky, but it might not most of the time, which is why you should plan ahead of time. It could be done by setting reminders on certain dates and planning your study schedule around them.


It's important not to focus entirely on the first exam, as ignoring others might leave you unprepared. Being well-organized improves your capacity to approach your studies efficiently.



Check out this study-tip video by an international student at a university in Australia. Get a more real-life perspective on how to cram, rapidly absorb ideas, manage exam time, and create an effective study strategy. Insights like these, from a fellow student, could result in wonders in your studying habits!


2. Prioritize Yourself & Daily Habits


Everyone's sleeping habits and peak productive hours differ. Some people flourish during the day, while others thrive at night. Plan your study hours around your greatest productive periods!


Our biological clocks determine our production peaks, which range from early birds to night owls. Morning productivity is typically glorified in the media, although it is not decided by getting up early. It's all about making the most of your time, no matter what time of day it is.


However, for optimal brain function, prioritize sleep, exercise, and a well-balanced diet. Instead of relying on energy drinks and a junk diet, choose meals that will help your thinking. Remember that a well-rested mind means increased productivity.


3. Break Down Your Study Hours


David Allen wrote a book in which he states, "If it takes 2 minutes to do, do it right now." This is the point at which you stop your procrastination cycle and, therefore, get things done right immediately. This will prepare you to deal with whatever comes your way.


Thus, this implies in studies as well. So, when you divide your time to study every day instead of less effective marathon sessions, you gain more than stressing out. Moreover, small steps and great rewards are a strategy that works, where students must focus on a part-time job, daily chores, and a social life, which is no easy task.


4. Understand Rather Than Memorizing


Instead of rushing to find solutions, take a deep breath and study the subject. Understand the basic foundation of the problem, ask questions, and logically evaluate yourself with questions like, what you know and what you have learned!


Faculty members often provide suggestions, directing you on which lessons to prioritize. In this way, you won't study to memorize, but rather to comprehend; memorization will take place spontaneously!


5. Stop & Take a Breather


Do you feel pent up? It's all right; you're not alone in this. Instead, go outdoors, stretch your legs, and take a breather.


Fresh air stimulates your mind and improves concentration. Put on your headphones, play your favorite music, get outside of your room, and simply go out for a walk.


Do the little things that make you happy! Buy yourself a smoothie or meet up with your friends and just talk. This significantly helps many to improve their attitude and mood.


Moreover, changing scenes can work miraculously as well. Such as studying at your university’s library, favorite cafe, or even at the park! Just choose what feels right, and you’ll be alright.


6. Study Sessions with Your Friends & Peers


We’ve all grown up listening to the phrase “Learning together is fun”, there were even cartoons made for children to learn so many things by watching their favorite characters.

  Well, study sessions are the same. This is where you’ll form a study group and help each other learn together and get yourself prepared.   

Mostly because you’ll feel encouraged, and motivated, and enjoy your time studying with the same level of enthusiasm.


7. Highlight & Take Notes


While attending the lectures, your teacher leaves a lot of important hints for you to pick up on. Thus, highlighting relevant passages in your textbooks or just taking notes allows you to recollect the lectures and prepare for your tests.


It's the quickest approach to recollecting your memories, focusing on the fundamentals, revising the syllabus, and ultimately accelerating your learning progress – a better probability of passing your exams.


8. Plan or Learn Clever Strategies


As a student, you will learn more about yourself at test times than at any other time. Don't ignore the fundamentals and devise or modify innovative tactics to ensure you get the highest possible grade in your tests.


Thoroughly read the questions, answer the easier ones first, and save the difficult ones for last; most importantly, maintain a watch to keep track of time. Divide your time according to how much time you want to devote to each of the questions.


When possible, avoid leaving any questions unanswered. Even if your response is a guess, you may receive half credit rather than no credit. Furthermore, you will leave the test having attempted rather than leaving a question blank.


9. Plan or Learn Clever Strategies


Try speaking or repeating key facts aloud to improve your memory. This strategy helps in the reinforcement of what you're learning.


Another useful method is to jot down important things from a specific topic or lesson multiple times to help you recall and retain the knowledge to memorize that part.


10. Be In Your Zen Zone


Resist the urge to cram as exams approach. Instead, take a deep breath, relax, and go over important points. Leave the day before the test to revise solely; this way, you won't feel juggled or confused with any of your exam lesson plans.


Remember that panicking will not help. Instead, concentrate on the most essential and use the remaining time wisely. Be smart with your time, because time waits for none.



These study hacks aim to be your trusted guides whether you're an aspiring college candidate, making your way to higher education, or getting yourself established in this competitive world.


What you shall remember is the fact that help comes to those who yearn for it, such as Mr. Tamim, a valued client of PFEC Global. His enlightening blog inspired this very collection of study hacks, which includes his recommendations and strategies he follows to prepare for an exam being an international student in Australia.


We hope his advice serves as a guide for students facing examinations and assignments along with the wealth of internet resources at one's disposal.


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