What are the 6 Most Desirable Trade Occupations in Australia and What Courses Can Get You There?

Dec 16, 2021

The Australian immigration department offers plenty of opportunities to people who want to work and settle in the country based on their skills and talents. Professionals across the globe prefer Australia to work and live due to the several benefits. Plenty of job opportunities, freedom to work, healthcare benefits, flexible guidelines on immigration, geographical surroundings, diverse culture, and quality living standards are some of Australia's many benefits for skilled migrants. Here are the six most desirable trade occupations in Australia and courses that will help you get there.

Being a Chef in Australia


Chefs and cooks are always in demand in Australia. However, there are specific requirements that you have to meet to work as a chef in Australia. You can work as a chef in Australia on different types of visas, such as student visas, employer-sponsored visas, working holiday visas, or general skilled migration visas.

To work as a chef in Australia, you need to have a Cert IV in Commercial Cookery (or international equivalent qualification). You can also take the following courses in Australia:

  • Certificate III & IV in Commercial Cookery
  • Diploma of Hospitality Management

Skilled chefs and cooks never go out of work in Australia. Unlike other trades, you don't need a special license to work as a chef. However, if you are applying as a fresher, you may have to start by working in different roles in the kitchen, such as a cooking assistant.

Chef is currently on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List, and TRA does the skill assessment for chefs. To get a positive skill assessment, you need Cert IV in Commercial Cookery. You don't need an employer to sponsor; you also don't have to live in a regional area.

Working as a Mechanic in Australia


If you have a passion for working as a mechanic in the automotive industry, you should take the following courses:

  • Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
  • Cert IV in Mechanical Diagnosis

These courses teach you about most aspects of motor mechanics, such as diagnosing and fixing complex faults in different parts of the vehicle.

Motor Mechanic is on Immigration's Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List, which shows that the country needs more motor mechanics. There is no license required to work as a mechanic in Australia.

Working as a Carpenter in Australia

Skilled and qualified carpenters never go out of demand in Australia. If you know how to use complex tools, have experience working on renovation projects, and are willing to learn, it won't be challenging to find an employer who offers you a job as a carpenter.

The country is filled with highly skilled and experienced carpenters. Still, as the carpenter occupation is listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), you can migrate to Australia and get a carpenter's job. You should apply for Certificate III in Carpentry and learn all the essential skills that will make you a better carpenter on the job.

Working as a Painter in Australia


Painters and decorators have excellent opportunities to build their careers in the building industry. Certificate III in Painting & Decorating makes you eligible to work on commercial and residential projects. Painters are in-demand in Australia, as it's listed on the MLTSSL

Working as a Wall and Floor Tiler in Australia

If you want to migrate to Australia as a Wall and Floor Tiler, you must complete AQF III in Wall and Floor Tiling. With proper skills and knowledge, you can smoothly start your career as a Wall and Floor Tiler in the country and start earning. Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) does the skill assessment for Wall and Floor Tilers.

Working as a Bricklayer in Australia

The construction industry in Australia has a high demand for skilled bricklayers. Completing Certificate III in Bricklaying prepares you for the Australian building industry as a bricklayer, and it's currently on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). TRA does the skill assessment for bricklayers.

What should you Know About Skill Assessment?

Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) is the most common skill accessor for most trade occupations. TRA assesses your qualifications and professional history and checks whether you meet the Australian standards for your occupation. All permanent general skilled migration visa applicants, such as Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) or State Nomination (Subclass 190). have to go through the skills assessment.

You have to submit educational and work experience documents. It means that to pass the skill assessment successfully, you will need the required Australian qualification, which is generally certificate III and several years of post-qualification work experience.

In case if you have no qualifications and only work experience, you need sufficient previous work experience to pass the assessment. Without any qualification, you'll need six years of experience to pass the assessment.

Professionals who cannot pass the skill assessment can still get a work visa to Australia if they meet the employer-sponsored visa requirements.

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