Reasons to Study Hospitality in Australia

Aug 13, 2023

Choosing an occupation choice might usually be questionable. A degree in hospitality, however, is also regarded as a ticket to great work and way of life. Amongst the most important elements of any organization, hospitality stands out at its core.

One course that has seen an unabated increase in organizations and job opportunities with the growth of vacationers and the recurrence of their vacations, is the Diploma of Hospitality. There are a vast number of hotels, pubs, resorts, bistros, restaurants, cruise ships, bars, fast food stalls and coffeehouses, making the hospitality sector one of Australia's largest employers. Hospitality is a worldwide industry. You can work anywhere worldwide and exchange your skills acquired in any industry, particularly with a hotel job, by gaining experience in hospitality.

Few advantages of working in the hospitality industry include expanding valuable skills that will make you money anywhere in the world, one of the world's fastest-growing divisions, more adaptable working hours than your usual 9-5 desk job, enabling you to fit work into your family duties, you have a fabulous time while getting pay and a perfect approach to obtain extra benefits.

5 Reasons why you Should Study Hospitality in Australia

Opportunity to Enhance Skills

Opportunity to Enhance Skills

The hospitality business is a global skill that transcends language barriers, attracting international students to Australia for basic training before pursuing new opportunities around the world. 

Leadership, teamwork, and coordination are essential in this area, which requires a combination of soft and hard talents for efficient management. An effective manager is one who leads, listens, adapts, and works across departments. The rich hospitality culture of Australia, enables you to grasp the proper skills to flourish in this industry.

Soft skills have a huge impact on satisfying the guests, whilst hard skills such as business acumen and attention to detail are critical for a company's success. Furthermore, through interactions with varied persons from throughout the world, the industry provides broad cultural experiences, making it a great asset in our increasingly globalized society.

Immense Career Opportunities

Ample Room for Growth and Development

As the hotel business is so diverse, you will never be limited in landing a job. Moreover, in Australia it is important to have skills, so employers will hire a skilled person, be it a local or a migrant. It is entirely up to you whether you want to pursue a career in hotel management, run an exotic, distant resort, or run a casino.

It's not just about hospitality; the travel and tourist business, which includes hospitality services for Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond, is booming. Aspiring professionals, such as you, will find a wide range of tasks and responsibilities in this thriving industry – making it the highlighting advantage for anyone who aspires to study Hospitality at a reputable Australian educational institution.

The hotel business, with its varied verticals, provides a wide range of vocational options. Aligning your passion becomes a feasible professional goal. There are numerous job choices available to you, ranging from hospitality manager to hotel supervisor and more.

Hospitality Industry Offers Numerous Courses

Over the next decade, the hotel industry is expected to add more than 80 million new jobs, establishing itself as a dynamic and robust business. The transformative impact of digital technology on how we pick, purchase, and share our travel and hospitality experiences is fueling the industry's expansion, with one in every nine jobs predicted to be in travel and tourism by 2026. 

Individuals who pursue a graduate master's degree in hospitality can contribute to this exciting expansion. Hospitality studies programs are diversified, allowing for specialization in a variety of areas to line with individual skills, and interests, as well as job-ready programs that lead to PR. The development and maintenance of abilities like great customer service, optimism, organizational efficiency, and critical thinking are crucial to success in this sector.

Australia’s Stellar Wine & Food Scene is Incredible

The eateries of Sydney make it the ultimate spot for students to study, learn, and experience the vibrant flavors of the hospitality industry. Not to mention the vast world-class wine regions and the booming industry of craft brewers with Melbourne’s coffee culture. What better place than this, to pull the ropes to enhance your passion!

Ample Room for Growth and Development

Ample Room for Growth and Development

The hotel sector is not only full of opportunity, but it is also an excellent career choice where you’re learning something new every day. Interacting with people from varied backgrounds and meeting their individual needs gives everyday challenges that promote personal growth. Staying attentive to the needs of the guests becomes critical, imparting crucial skills for success in this sector.

To prosper in the hospitality sector, vital attributes such as great customer service, an optimistic mindset, strong organizational ability, and critical thinking skills must be developed and maintained.


Hospitality Course duration: from 6 months to 3 years (full time).

Visa requirements: Some of the requirements for obtaining a student visa are presented here. Alternatively, for a worry-free procedure, you can contact our education counselors..

  • A valid passport for the duration of your studies in Australia

  • Letter of Offer from the university/institution chosen

  • IELTS or other tests of proficiency in English

  • Evidence of getting access to sufficient funds

  • Proof of Student Health Cover Overseas

  • All other necessary documents are included in the visa checklists of the Department of Home Affairs.

Wrapping Up

The stepping stones to your Australian dream are to invest in your future with your Australian education and professional work experiences. Such as other forms of visa for migration purposes such as permanent residency, an assessment process of your nominated occupation by a Recognised Authority is required.

The Short-term Professional Occupation List (STSOL) and the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) regularly list occupations related to hospitality. Chef, Baker, café or restaurant manager, hotel or motel manager, to name a few, are a sample. At PFEC Global, we are dedicated to helping build your personalized route to Australian success and your chosen hotel management.

Please reach out to us at +610396201773 (Melbourne), +610283784282 (Sydney), +610870992258 (Adelaide) for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is hospitality management a good career in Australia?

Answer: Studying hospitality management in Australia can provide improved job chances as well as flexible working hours, concessional convenience at your workplace (most likely a hotel), transportation, and other travel arrangements provided by your business.

What is the scope of hospitality management in Australia?

Answer: In Australia, students with a bachelor's degree in hospitality management have numerous alternatives. Graduates of hospitality programs can find employment in restaurants, travel agencies, hotels and resorts, and other areas of the travel and hospitality industry.

How can I get PR in hospitality in Australia?

Answer: Permanent residency can be obtained through the Labour Agreement routes either the Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186) or the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 494) with a related age concession. Also, PR can be obtained once the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) has been granted. Then the visa holder can live, work, or even study for further skill enhancement in the hospitality sector in Australia as permanent resident.

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