Every single year, Australia’s Department of Home Affairs (DHA) issues lists of occupations that will play a crucial role in satisfying the need for higher skills; which will, in turn, contribute to the country’s constant economic stability and development. These lists are called Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL).

If you wish to study in a course that allows you a greater chance of getting PR to work, settle down and live in Australia, we can help you find the suitable options.

There are some hot favorite courses preferred by most international students, particularly because they have the best prospects when it comes to having a demanding career and relatively higher prospects of skilled migration. These are:


1. Computer and IT (Information Technology), including ICT (Information and Communications Technology):

The quick advancement of technology has caused the creation of many computer and information technology/ ICT related courses. With specializations in hardware, network, security, software, and web development courses—universities around Australia (including those accredited by Australia Computer Society) are endlessly updating their courses to maintain competition in the digital sphere. The high and continuously rising demand for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) graduates helps adjust to the necessity of skilled professionals in this sector.

Some of the ICT occupations highlighted in the skilled occupations list are: Analyst/ Programmer, Computer Network and Systems Engineer, Developer/ Programmer, ICT Business & Systems Analyst, ICT Support Engineer, Software Engineer etc. Often, ICT graduates may need to have either one year of Australian work experience, or to apply for a Professional Year program in order to be eligible for a skilled visa. As IT and ICT professionals are in demand in multiple sectors at all times, this route of study could be a good option for international students!

2. Teaching and Education, including Early Childhood Care and Education:

It takes a lot of courage to pursue a career in the field of education; because it allows you to have and exert a certain level of influence in creating change by inspiring the curious minds of your students’. Australia has often been seen and known globally for having exceptional educational standards; and has been deemed as the education capital of the world. International graduates going for teaching as a profession enjoy the high demand they have in education institutions.

Some ways in which the teaching profession can be found in the skilled occupations list are: Early Childhood/ Pre-Primary School Teacher; Primary School Teacher; Secondary School Teacher; University Lecturer; and Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (for those who studied TESOL). There are more that can be found on the list on the website for DHA. Studying in this field will open up many different career options; which you can discuss in detail with your counselor.


3. Engineering:

When it comes to the field of engineering, Australia is one of the world leaders in it. International students often find the country appealing because it could help them learn and propel their careers in different sub-streams of engineering. Engineers not only solve problems, but they also create groundbreaking and useful solutions for daily challenges. Furthermore; they build, conceive, construct, draft, produce, and revolutionize anything and everything around us. Engineers are constantly working towards creating a better world for humanity to live in. Australia actively seeks engineers out to address the country’s skill shortage.

Australia’s Skilled Occupations list has the following engineering positions (amongst many others): Aeronautical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer etc.

4. Social Work:

Social Work is a profession that has the fastest growth rates. Courses in this stream have always been appealing to international students whose desire is to intimately work with people aggrieved with social, personal, cultural or even work-related issues. Social workers have often been coined the “Silent heroes of contemporary times” because they are usually ordinary individuals who have been endowed with a gift—and are using it to make an astonishing impact in the lives of other people. They are doing this by giving advice and/ or support when it is needed, as well as by providing help to allow rehabilitation of socially exiled individuals back into the rest of society.

Many universities are offering qualifications which are accredited by AASW. For details, talk to us at PFEC Global—today!


5. Nursing:

The aging population of Australia is heavily reliant on its skilled medical staff for providing healthcare and medical services. Courses in Nursing, Pre-Med/ Medical streams will be alluring to thousands of students, both local and international; especially those who are determined to recognize their passion and lay the groundwork to a promising profession. Aside from being one of the key occupations that is also included in the skilled occupations lists; Nursing is also a preferred course in the field of Medicine. Nursing graduates can also apply for a number of visa subclasses depending on various factors. In terms of study options, There are diploma courses in Nursing, as well as Bachelor and Masters degrees available. For more information, contact us at PFEC Global TODAY!

6. Automotive Engineering:

Have you always been fascinated by cars and how they run? If so, a course in automotive engineering might help you fashion your fascination into your future career. There are different courses on Automotive Engineering available for international students. The most popular seem to be: Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology (how smaller cars and automotive vehicles run on the inside) and Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis (diagnosing car problems and figuring out how to solve them).

A majority of the courses in this stream are trade/ vocational courses; meaning that students taking them have usually already decided on making this their real-life profession. Studying Automotive Engineering can lead to a career as any of the following: an automotive technician (general vehicle mechanic), a light vehicle mechanical technician (a car mechanic),. Graduates will also be able to get hands-on experience through job placements.

food management

7. Food and Hospitality Management:

Courses falling within the Food and Hospitality Management stream promise a stimulating career, alongside having potential in terms of allowing graduates the option for various visas subject to meeting the eligibility criteria. To be able to survive in this arena, students must be passionate towards it; investing in their careers through amazing Australian education and practical work experiences. Anybody whose passion lies in baking, cooking, or even in managing hotels; the flourishing tourism industry of Australia always has a high demand for welcoming and enthusiastic people who believe in making a difference in their jobs. The fact that this stream has multiple pathways for skilled migration is just an added bonus!

A few of the Food and Hospitality Management related jobs found in the skilled occupations list are: Chef (different levels before you can become a head chef); Cafe or Restaurant Manager; Bed and Breakfast Operator; Hotel/ Motel Manager; and many more!

8. Accounting:

Numerous international students who want to study in Australia opt for Accounting as their desired course. Many of these students go on to become successful accountants or auditors, internal and/ or external. The stable and successful economy of Australia offers international graduates with prospects to follow their chosen career path. Accountants are involved in an array of tasks, from forecasting budget, to deciding on investments for the organization, and even research and development.

From jobs in the field of Accounting, we can find the following in the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and the combined list of eligible skilled occupations: Accountant (General), Taxation Accountant, External Auditor, etc..


9. Building and Construction:

Vocational/ Trade courses such as painting, stonemasonry, carpentry, joinery, and bricklaying can now be studied in Australian tertiary institutions by international students. They can at present actively pursue a career as a painter, carpenter, joiner, and/ or bricklayer. As all of these occupations are trade-related and can provide a pathway to skilled migration.

An ongoing skills shortage exists in the building and construction industry and which may open the door for prospective migrants in these industries for skilled migration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Migration Services

I am currently studying in Australia, what are my options if I want to apply for Permanent Residency?

When it comes to migrating to Australia, there are different types of visas each with their own eligibility criteria. Most of the international students aim to apply for visa SC189 or SC190. Australian government has recently introduced another SC491 which may also lead to permanent residency. Each of these subclasses have their own requirements and the points to qualify for them keeps on changing from time to time. As this a complex topic so it is always better to take a professional advice.
In order to discuss your prospects in line with the course you want to study, get an appointment at PFEC Global with one of our experienced migration agents who will be able to help you purely as per your personal circumstances.

At present, I do not have sufficient points to apply for PR. What are my options right now?

When it comes to the question “How many points I need for PR”, there is no definitive answer for this. Australian Migration Policies are very dynamic and things keeps on changing frequently. However, to see the last invitation marks, you can refer to Department of Home Affairs website where they continuously update the invitation points after their invitation rounds.
Subsequently, if you need the human touch, PFEC Global has the experienced Registered Migration Agents who will offer to check your case, completely free of charge! As each case is very different from the next, we strictly advise you to book an appointment with us to get professional advice to help turn your life around!

Are there any possible risks to applying for a new course and student visa when I know that my TR is expiring soon? If so, what are they?

All Australian student visa applicants MUST fulfill the Genuine Temporary Entrant Criteria in additional to other relevant critrea for the student visa to be granted. Moving from the subclass 485 visa to a student visa can be quite difficult for this very reason. You could try to minimize the risk by submitting your student visa application with a GTE statement that must show the reasons to choose the specific study program you have chosen in context of your past experience and your future career goals etc.

I am travelling on a Tourist Visa / Working Holiday Visa / TSS Visa; and would want to change to a Student Visa. Can this be done?

Most but not always, the answer is Yes. However, it is always a good idea to consult a registered migration agent to see if you are eligible to apply for a student visa on your temporary visa. But when you are, you cannot ignore the risk involved due to the GTE concern. Your visa application must be backed by strong evidence of your genuine intention to study. Each case must be handled on a case by case basis.
Have more queries you need sorted out? PFEC Global has a line-up of the most amazing professionals in the business. So, if you have any doubts about what to do, call us to book an appointment today!

I am currently residing in Australia on a Student Dependent Visa and my spouse who is a primay applicant is undertaking a Master level program. Am I given complete work & study rights in Australia as someone’s partner/ spouse?

When the main applicant of the scholarship is studying in a Master’s or a Doctoral degree, their partner is free to work full-time, or with no limits.


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