Student Visa (Subclass 500)

About this visa

This visa allows you to stay in Australia to study full-time in a recognised education institution.

Effective from 1st July 2016, international students who want to come to Australia to study full-time at a registered educational institution must apply for a Student visa (subclass 500). A new immigration risk framework, simplified student visa framework (SSVF) has been implemented to assess Student visa applications. The applicant will be assessed as regular or streamlined based on the provider and country of passport.

Any student with this visa can easily apply for different full-time courses including Higher Education, Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS), admission in primary or secondary school and post graduate research degrees in a recognised education institution.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Enrolment:

The visa applicant must provide evidence of enrolment at the time of application lodgement.

– If applied outside Australia, Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for all intended courses.
– If applied inside Australia, Letter of offer or CoE for all intended courses. However, CoE(s) must be provided before the visa can be granted.

  • Financial capacity:

Applicants must have the legal evidence of their financial capacity that shows they are eligible to pay their course fees and living costs of their dependent family members.

  • English proficiency:

It is mandatory to provide evidence of English language skills with the visa application or when asked by an officer otherwise the visa will be refused.

  • Genuine temporary entrant:

The genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement is an integrity measure to ensure that the student visa programme is used as intended and not as a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia.

The GTE requirement applies to all visa applicants. The officer assessing the visa will take into account whether the individual circumstances indicate an intention for a temporary stay in Australia.

  • Health, character, and insurance:

– Visa applicant(s) must meet the health requirements. Visa applicant(s) might need to undergo health examinations as part of the visa application process and can choose to undertake them prior to lodging the visa application.
– Visa applicant(s) must satisfy character requirements.
– Visa applicant(s) must have adequate health insurance while in Australia. It can be only meet by obtaining Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), unless exempted.

  • Parental consent and welfare arrangements:

– If a child under the age of 18 is included in the visa application and one or both parents (or legal guardians) are not applying for an Australian visa, both parents will need to complete and sign the form 1229 – Consent form to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years.
– For student applicants who are under 18 years of age, evidence of accommodation and welfare arrangements in Australia must be provided at the time of visa application lodgement.

  • Dependent school enrolment:

If any dependent applicant(s) is 5 – 17 years of age, evidence of enrolment in an Australian school is required.

Visa entitlements

  • Main visa holder can study registered full-time course(s) in Australia.
  • Visa holder(s) can generally work a specified number of hours.
  • Visa holder(s) can generally stay in Australia until the course is finished.
NOTE: Please visit first before lodging any visa application in Australia. We understand that applying for this visa without proper support and guidelines can be an arduous task. For this reason, our dedicated MARA Registered Migration Agents are available to help you to lodge your visa and guide you through the entire visa application process. To know more
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