The 2022 Process for Australian Permanent Residency

Mar 2, 2022

As one of the leading market nations, Australia offers a promising lifestyle, better financial stability, and safety to its citizens, attracting many people to live and settle in the country permanently. With accessible rules, straightforward processes, and better immigration policies, more people are applying for Australian PR every year. If you want to apply for an Australian Permanent Residency, kindly go through the following information.

What is an Australian PR Visa?


The “permanent resident“ visa is only for people who are not citizens of Australia. The process for Australian PR is systematic and organised, and the evaluation of the applications are entirely based on the individual’s credentials.

PR visa holders can stay in Australia as long as they please, along with a five-year travel facility. The visa holders can leave and return to Australia until their travel facility expires. PR holders can also enjoy the rights and privileges as citizens, including access to subsidised or free healthcare and legal services. However, PR holders cannot vote in state/territory or federal elections unless registered before 1984. PR holders are eligible to apply for citizenship after a certain waiting period.

A Step-by-step Guide for Australian PR


Determining Which Visa Category Applies to You

As over 40 Australian visas are offered to international candidates to live and work permanently in the country, you should first determine which Australian PR visa category is suitable for you.

Family-based Australia PR


If you have a family member who is an Australian citizen or PR holder, they can help you migrate to Australia. The visa is applicable for partners, children, fiance, and dependent relatives.

Work-based Australia PR


Workers with in-demand skills in Australia (General Skilled Migration), foreign workers sponsored by Australian employers, and doctors and nurses can get work-based Australian PR when required in the Australian labour market.


You have to Meet the Chosen Visa Requirements


There are several eligibility criteria that an applicant has to meet. You must fulfil all requirements to gain eligibility to apply for the visa.


Apply for an Australian Migrant visa


Download the application form from the DHA website and submit your application with supporting documents


Waiting Period


You have to wait for weeks or months before the decision on your visa application is declared. Here is the current waiting period for a few popular visa categories:

  • Subclass 100 Partner (Migrant) Visa: 6 to 18 Months
  • Subclass 186 Employer Nomination: 3 to 10 Months (Direct Entry Pathway), 49 Days to 6 Months (Agreement Pathway), and 4 Months to 20 Months (Agreement Pathway).
  • Subclass 189 Skilled Independent: 53 Days to 36 Months
  • Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated: 4 to 22 Months
  • Subclass 309 Partner (Provisional): 4 to 27 Months


Get your Visa


Once your visa application is approved, you can consider yourself an Australian PR holder, which allows you to live and work in the country permanently. You will have to renew your PR visa every five years.

If you have any doubts regarding the Australian PR visa process or have other migration-related issues to deal with, kindly reach out to our experienced consultant. At PFEC Global, we are dedicated to giving you complete support to achieve your migration goals in Australia.

Please reach out to us at 01730785457 or 096 09 800 300 for more details.

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