Top 5 Jobs Which Are Popular Amongst The International Students In Australia

Aug 14, 2023

As an international student in Australia, picking up a part-time or casual job is a perfect way to make new friends, develop your English skills, and make a little income on the side! There are many reasons why Australia is a prominent choice to pursue higher studies, offering great opportunities to students to earn a good lifestyle as part-time jobs.


Moreover, if you reside in cities like Sydney or Melbourne, you get to attend significant sporting, and cultural activities, and many events happening throughout the year, being entitled as Australia's hospitality hub. This means that for those who do not want to lock in a long-term contract or who need flexible working habits for intensive review times, there is generally quite a bit of temporary or seasonal work occurring!


We have listed down the top 5 popular jobs in Australia and will discuss some of the most important points, such as what the job pays by the hour, what are the requirements, and so on!


Student Job Rights

Student Job Rights

Even though students may face a few challenges working in Australia, however, it is important to know your rights and the best ways to get yourself recognized by organizations before you get out there and begin applying for positions.


The Australian student visa allows up to 48 hours per fortnight for international students to work. This is the ideal way to raise a little extra cash on the side, and while you do, to get some job experience under your belt!


There are, however, a few main items that you should look into before you start:

  • An Australian Tax File Number (TFN): This is issued by the Tax Office of Australia and will ensure that your income is not overtaxed.

  • An Australian bank account: Getting this would make it much easier for your employers to pay you and help you pay your bills and other daily expenses. You would want to open a transaction account as an international student. Most banks allow you up to 3 months before you arrive to open a transaction account, but the procedure and time frame will depend on the bank.

  • Minimum wage: The minimum wage is $23.23 per hour and is set in Australia by the Fair Work Ombudsman, and your rights should be understood before you travel to Australia.

  • Working Hours: During the academic term, you are allowed to work a maximum of 48 hours over two weeks. However, you can work unlimited hours if you are a postgraduate research student pursuing a master's or doing a Ph.D. in Australia. However, during holiday breaks, you have the flexibility to work as many hours as you wish. Casual work arrangements do not involve a fixed number of hours each week.


How to apply for employment as a student abroad?

How to apply for employment as a student abroad?

A well-prepared curriculum vitae (or CV) is the most significant item that you need to apply for employment in Australia or worldwide. This is a list of all your training and qualifications that can be looked at by employers to determine whether you are a good match for the position. Depending on the kind of work you are applying for, for each sector, the details you decide to provide might be different.


Many universities, such as Melbourne University and RMIT, provide students with resources to write their cover letters and format their CVs in the best way possible, and this is a great place to start.


You resume should consist of:

  • Your name & contact information

  • Your associated schooling

  • Previous professional experiences (if any)

  • Your interests, skills, and hobbies

  • Mentions of any technical abilities (if they are needed for the particular type of job)


As for the best way to find jobs, it will depend on the type of job you're going for! Some employers would prefer web applications and email inquiries, although you would be better off having a conversation with the boss for other jobs that are a little more social, such as the hospitality industry.


Where to find a suitably high-paying part-time job?




To obtain a reference for a part-time job, as an international student you can reach out to the caregiving department, alumni, or lecturers at your university. The university community can be a valuable resource for finding the best kind of employment in Australia.


Internal Jobs


On campus, there could be numerous part-time positions available for you, including roles such as library assistant or even a teacher’s assistant, barista at a coffee shop, gym instructor, campus ambassador, and more.


Online Job listings


You can search for part-time employment opportunities on the internet using websites like Indeed, CareerOne, MyCareer, Seek, and ApplyDirect. Indeed, it is easy to find casual jobs in Australia, all you need to know is where to look.


5 Most In-Demand Jobs in Australia


Delivery Agent


Finding part-time jobs in Australia has become easier with the rise of food distribution companies. The benefit of working with these businesses is the flexibility to choose your hours. However, some roles may require personal transportation, and being familiar with Australian traffic rules can be challenging.


Another option is working as a delivery person, either on a motorcycle or in a car, ensuring safe driving and package integrity.

Pay of the Job Requirements for the Job

AUD$18/hour - AUD$25/hour

  • Up-To-Date Driver’s License

  • No Driving Tickets




This is probably the most common student work, as it is social and the hours are generally very flexible, suitable for times of examination and essay deadlines where you don't have a lot of time to spend outside the library.


Your roles could include taking food from the kitchen to customers, taking orders, and cleaning the tables.

Pay of the Job Requirements for the Job

An Average of AUD$26.95/hour

  • Clear Communication Skills


Fitness Trainer


If you have a passion for health and fitness then becoming a personal trainer may be ideal for you. As a personal trainer, your main duties will involve evaluating your clients' specific needs, making training programs, and guiding them through exercises that can be done both in the gym and at home.

Pay of the Job Requirements for the Job

AUD$23/hour - AUD$39/hour

  • A Certification to Train

  • A Yoga / Pilates license




Working as a cleaner adds its pros and cons, as it offers flexible work hours with decent pay; on the other hand the nature of the job limits opportunities for engaging in conversations and social interactions.


Fun fact, cleaning is considered one of the highest-paying part-time occupations in Australia. You can begin by either joining a cleaning company or registering with platforms like Helping to find cleaning opportunities in private homes, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Pay of the Job Requirements for the Job

AUD$20/hour - AUD$25/hour

  • No Requirements Needed


Freelance Jobs


Becoming a freelancer is an excellent option, it's not just in Australia but wherever you are in the world. When you have aspirations to start your own business down the line, freelancing helps you gain that confidence in handling all the entities of running a business.


The benefit of freelancing is that you're not obligated to pay a predetermined fee or face restrictions on your earning potential. This allows you the freedom to set your rates and maximize your income based on the value of your work.


You could explore Fiverr, Upwork, and a few others. These platforms are considered to be the best freelancing platforms out there in 2023.

Pay of the Job Requirements for the Job

Earnings Depend on Skills & Industry-Type

Requires Skill, e.g. Web Development, Copywriting, Business Development.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Which career has the most job opportunities in Australia?


Answer: Job titles such as technology, engineering, professional services, and sales are highly desired in Australia.


What is the number 1 paying job in Australia?


Answer: The highest-paying occupations, with salaries exceeding $200,000 annually, are typically found in the medical field and financial services sector.


Which field is best for the future in Australia?


Answer: Accountancy, Actuarial Science, Agricultural sciences, Architecture, Biomedical engineering, computer science and IT have the most flourishing future in Australia.

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