What Is Regional Area Study, and How Can It Help You on the PR Pathway?

If you're an international student in Australia with aspirations to settle in the country after completing your studies, it's worth considering studying in designated "Regional Areas". It’s an opportunity that will enhance your chances to achieve your goals for the future.


The Australian government actively promotes international students to study in these areas, as doing so can earn them additional 5 points on their immigration points test for certain point-based visas. This not only makes acquiring permanent residency in Australia easier but also provides international students with a unique opportunity to live and study in regional areas for up to two years.


If you're looking to maximize your chances of obtaining PR in Australia, studying in a regional area could be a smart move. So, let me enlighten you with its benefits and provide the necessary insights in this article.


Top Universities in Regional Areas of Australia & Courses Provided:


Here I have covered some of the top universities in the major regional areas and the demanding courses offered, which will help you land your dream career. Let’s jump right to it:


Bendigo VIC


La Trobe University VIC


This prestigious university has regional campuses in Bendigo, Shepparton, Albury-Wodonga and Mildura. La Trobe offers various scholarships to international students from cash grants through to tuition fee reductions. Under the Destination Australia initiative, eligible students can get up to $15,000 per annum for up to four years.


Ballarat VIC


ACU in Ballarat VIC


Australian Catholic University is also one of the best universities in the country, with naturally-inspired campus life and a broad range of facilities and services for students. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, research, and other courses designed to provide both practical and classroom experience to the students.


Australian Capital Territory (ACT)


University of Canberra in ACT


University of Canberra in ACT is known for its well-designed smaller courses and personalized support to the students. Students can easily manage their work and studies with the university’s flexible learning options. It offers diverse study areas and a promising future.




Edith Cowan University


Edith Cowan University in Perth, and is a top-rated university in Western Australia. Perth is a regional area where students applying for PR could benefit from studying there. With its world-class research facilities and diverse graduate and undergraduate programs, the university offers an excellent overall learning experience.


Murdoch University


Murdoch University offers graduation courses designed with a perfect combination of cutting-edge theory and practical skills. It offers more than 250 courses in various categories.


Curtin University


Curtin University offers 5-star programs and is ranked in the top 1% of universities in the international education sphere. This university exceeds its reputation when it comes to research about developing technologies. International students can benefit from various scholarships that are on offer for eligible students.


Charles Darwin University (CDU)


Charles Darwin University (CDU) is one of the most prestigious universities in the Northern Territory. It offers a wide range of courses including, accounting, arts, business, communications, performing arts, social work, languages, legal studies, and many more.




James Cook University (JCU)


James Cook University (JCU) is the second oldest university in Queensland that offers various growth-oriented courses to students. The courses offered by the university cover broad study areas, including allied health and pharmacy, society and culture, tourism, sports and exercise science, business law and finance, marine science, medicine and dentistry, and many more.


University of Southern Queensland (USQ)


University of Southern Queensland (USQ) is a medium-sized regional university offering courses in law, health, engineering, the sciences, business, education, and the arts with flexible studying options.


CQ University (CQU)


CQ University (CQU) is well known for its scholarships that enable students to reach their full potential in the chosen field of study.




The University of Newcastle


The University of Newcastle with its various internationally recognized degree programs in New South Wales is highly popular among graduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses for excellent career opportunities.


The University of New England in NSW


The University of New England in NSW offers various courses in areas like health, IT and data science, social sciences, education and teaching, law and criminology, psychology and mental health, arts, and many others. All these courses are designed to help students cope with the rapidly changing workplace and work environment.


The University of Wollongong in NSW


The University of Wollongong in NSW offers a wide range of courses in accounting, finance, and economics, creative and performing arts, education, engineering, health, law, medical science, nursing, and several others. The courses are designed to equip students to meet the needs of the changing world.




University of Tasmania


The University of Tasmania offers several scholarships in its program and most of these are applicable to international students. The TIS (Tasmanian International Scholarship) program is applicable to every international student that enrolls for a course at UTAS.


Benefits of Studying in Regional Areas of Australia:




Additional Year for Post-Study Work Visa

After graduating from any university in a regional area, students can get full-time work rights for an additional year.

Enhance Employment Opportunities

Regional Areas institutes that offer popular courses can help boost students get employed easily and anywhere.

Smaller Class Size

Regional Areas universities have fewer pupils in the class, which avails better tutoring from professors or faculties.

Affordable Living

Living in Regional Areas, which are basically the countryside, entails affordable living costs. You can also find many casual jobs!

Scholarship Opportunities

International students can receive AUD $15,000 through the Destination Australia Scholarship, while universities also provide their own scholarships as well.

Easy Migration Opportunities

Studying and living in designated areas of Australia grants international students 5 points towards Australian PR, as per the Department of Home Affairs.

Delightful Lifestyle

Less crowded areas with all the modern amenities and facilities for a healthy & entertaining life.

Opportunities to Explore Australia

Australia is a country known for its sandy beaches, magnificent deserts, mountains, and reefs. Usually, campuses of regional universities are closer to these sights. You’ll basically have access to these exotic locations.


Get Proper Guidance on Regional Area Study and Other Scholarships from the Experts:


If you are planning to pursue your education at a regional university in Australia and want guidance on the right path, agencies with expertise in migration consultancy can be of great help. They usually have over a decade of industry experience and partnerships with prestigious educational institutions across Australia and can provide valuable information tailored to your needs. So, don’t be late to the game, get informed today!


Please reach out to us at +610396201773 (Melbourne), +610283784282 (Sydney), +610870992258 (Adelaide) for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the benefits of studying in a regional area in Australia?


Answer: Regional university campuses have a smaller size which fosters a strong sense of community, making it easier to meet and socialize with people. As most students live in the same area, it's convenient to catch up with friends after classes.


What is the meaning of regional areas in Australia?


Answer: In Australia, any town, small city, or area outside of the major capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane is considered a regional area.


What are the benefits of migrating to Australia?


Answer: Better job opportunities, freedom to work, flexible guidelines on immigration, excellent culture, better quality of living standards, and many more.


How will studying in Australia benefit your future?


Answer: Studying in Australia offers advantages such as high-quality education, great student experience, good post-study work opportunities, scholarships, and various career prospects.


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