Why Engineering Is A Promising Career In Australia?

Sep 21, 2023

Australia has been attracting a growing number of students from around the world for their higher studies. According to the Australian National Engineering Taskforce (ANET), international student enrolments in engineering witnessed a remarkable 81.8 percent increase between 2002 and 2010. In fact, in 2010, international students accounted for a significant 43 percent of all engineering graduates in Australia. This trend highlights the recognition of Australia's excellence in providing top-notch engineering education.


Scroll below, as we will discuss the primary factors that make studying engineering courses highly appealing and a promising career choice.


Advantages of Pursuing Engineering Studies in Australia

Advantages of Pursuing Engineering Studies in Australia

Australia has gained prominence as a preferred destination for aspiring engineers, as the universities and institutes provide outstanding engineering programs. Students usually opt for the most happening cities in Australia such as Sydney, this is due to the living standards or the culture of modern cities. Making their experience of studying abroad more vibrant.


From a practical learning environment that equips students with technical skills to qualifications across various engineering disciplines, including manufacturing, civil, aerospace, architectural, spatial, software, aeronautical, applied physics, and environmental engineering.


Engineering, a multidisciplinary field that includes science, mathematics, and technology, is needed to address the world's most significant challenges. Making it a captivating career choice for students due to the significant income and incredible opportunities that create a positive impact on the world, as well as on yourself.


Qualitiful Education


Australia has 7 of the top 100 universities for studying engineering based on the 2018-2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings' for Engineering and Technology. Australia is a top choice for international students who one day aspire to become engineers. In addition, Australian degrees and qualifications are globally recognised and sufficient for overseas work opportunities.


Renowned Universities to Choose for Studying Engineering :

  • University of New South Wales

  • University of Technology Sydney

  • University of Adelaide

  • University of Sydney

  • RMIT University.

  • Monash University

  • Curtin University

  • University of Queensland Australia


Financially Rewarding (ROI)

Financially Rewarding (ROI)

As education expenses climb around the world, investing in higher education entails anticipating a return on investment. Fortunately, studying in Australia provides a relatively favorable return on investment (ROI).


Engineers are in high demand in Australia, and the high demand has created several job prospects for international students.


Engineering graduates in Australia can also expect to earn a good salary. Engineering graduates in Australia earn roughly $60,000 per year on average. The following is a list of basic yearly average earnings for several engineering professions in Australia:

Profession Avg. Annual Salary

Electronics Engineer

AUD $90,000 to AUD $110,000

Civil Engineer

AUD $90,000 to AUD $110,000

Mechanical Engineer

AUD $95,000 to AUD $115,000

Electrical Engineer

AUD $116,774

Software Engineer

AUD $110,000 to AUD $130,000


Multiple Choices in Selecting Fields


Australian universities and institutions provide a wide selection of engineering programmes to international students, allowing them to pursue their particular subjects of study. Some of the most sought-after engineering specializations in Australia include:

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

  • Materials Engineering

  • Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering

  • Software Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering


Engineers often explore new ways of improving lives and ensuring protection for everyone. It could be about how to preserve non-renewable energy, how to preserve our infrastructure, or how to create equipment to detect and cure diseases.


Get Recognized in International Markets

Get Recognized on International Markets

The Engineers Australia Association, which governs undergraduate engineering programmes, is based in Australia. The association plays an important role in ensuring that Australian institutions provide high-quality courses that prepare students to become competent engineers. As a result, studying engineering in Australia assures that students obtain high-quality training and education.


Furthermore, engineering graduates can join the association, which opens up several opportunities for advancement in their careers and creates confidence in their potential to succeed in a worldwide professional setting.


Professional Year Programme


The Professional Year Programme (PYP) offers excellent chances, such as internships, that can lead to fulfilling positions in Australia and other countries. Many colleges provide internship opportunities during or after the programme, and some students even obtain permanent careers with the same organization, enhancing their employability.


The purpose of the Professional Year Programme is to familiarize students with the Australian work world while also teaching professional behavior and communication skills required for career advancement.


Eligibility for Professional Year Program (PYP):

  • Earn a bachelor's degree in engineering, accounting, computer science, or a closely related field in Australia.

  • You must apply for or have a Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485). This visa allows you to stay in Australia for an additional 18 months after completing your degree.

  • You must demonstrate your command of the English language.

  • You must have a valid skilled assessment from one of the certifying authorities (ICAA, ACS, CPA, EEA, or IPA).


Great opportunities to migrate to Australia


International students who study engineering in Australia have a high chance of migrating to the country. Australia's government has prioritized immigration policies in selected cities. Choosing to study engineering in Australia is thus a good move for anyone looking to settle in this country after finishing their higher education.


Skilled students are eligible for permanent residency visas in Australia, with choices including the Post-study Work Visa and the Graduate (Temporary) Visa. Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Architecture, Chemistry, Mining and Petroleum Operations, Aeronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Project Management have been selected as priority fields for immigration by the Australian Government.


Even though migration or staying in a different nation may bring challenges, students who specialize in these fields have a better chance of settling down and living a successful life in Australia.


Incredible In-Job Learning Experience

Incredible In-Job Learning Experience

Job prospects place a high value on practical learning and industry relevance. The Australian educational system places a premium on flexible learning, allowing pupils to explore and develop their skills without feeling overburdened. Students can explore their interests with a varied choice of specializations accessible at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Furthermore, whether one desires to work with known computer companies or pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, Australia gives excellent employment opportunities, supporting both financial and intellectual advancement.


On February 22, 2023, the Department of Home Affairs made an official announcement stating that starting from July 1, 2023, individuals who have completed a degree in a field that is included in the list of qualifying qualifications and eligible occupations will be granted an additional two years on their Temporary Graduate Visa 485 under the Post-Study Work Stream.




Individuals seeking engineering-related jobs are urged to explore visa sponsorship or migration prospects to Australia, given the continued demand for engineers in numerous industries around the country. Civil engineers, materials engineers, mechanical engineers, plant engineers, electrical engineers, and telecommunications engineers are just a few of the job titles that commonly appear on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) and Combined Skilled Occupations List (CSOL). PEFC Global is committed to assisting you in developing a personalized route to success in your chosen career in Australia.


Please reach out to us at +610396201773 (Melbourne), +610283784282 (Sydney), +610870992258 (Adelaide) for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why is Australia best for Engineering?


Answer: Every year, Australia's favorable climate, reputable universities, thriving economy, and political stability attract a significant number of international students. These students choose to study engineering in Australia not only to acquire new skills but also to immerse themselves in the unique Australian lifestyle.


Is Engineering a high demand in Australia?


Answer: In 2022, there was a notable 22 percent increase in engineering job openings, highlighting the strong demand for professionals in this field and positioning engineering as one of the most sought-after professions in Australia.


Is it hard to find an Engineering job in Australia?


Answer: Australia is currently experiencing a significant demand for civil engineers, with job vacancies reaching a 10-year high. This surge in demand can be attributed to the border closures during the pandemic and a recent shortage of skilled professionals in the field.


Do Engineers make a lot of money in Australia?


Answer: In Australia, the average annual salary for engineers is $112,358 (an hourly rate of $57.62). Entry-level positions typically begin at $92,570 per year, while highly experienced engineers can earn up to $155,308 per year.

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