Top Reasons Why International Students Choose Sydney for Study

Australia’s bustling city Sydney has become a top priority for international students all over the globe. Sydney offers a vibrant student life, top-notch education quality, a diverse and dynamic environment in classrooms, potential research in academia or jobs in industries, and many more opportunities. On top of that, Sydney houses one of the top five largest universities in the world, each encompassing nearly 30,000 students on their campuses. Furthermore, more foreign students study in Australia than in any other country. Compared to other nations, where overseas students make up an average of 6% of enrolment, Australia has 21%. Students from other countries make up  14% of undergraduates, but 48% of graduate students and 32% of Ph.D. students. Hence, it showcases how Sydney is well-prepared to accommodate international students from anywhere in the world.


What is so Special About Sydney?


If you are a prospective international student, you might wonder if Sydney should be your destination for your undergraduate or higher education destination or not. Before we try to delve into the topic, let’s try to examine some important facts about Sydney:

  • Many prestigious public and private higher education institutions including the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), the University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, Australian Catholic University, Western Sydney University, and a large number of English language and vocational schools, can be found in Sydney.

  • When it comes to Australian universities, Sydney is a top choice for overseas students.

  • Financial and insurance services, as well as property and business services, are two fields that have made a name for themselves in the region.

  • There are numerous public agencies in the city, and there are also numerous private, internationally known institutions that provide an excellent education in specialized fields.

  • Sydney is the largest Australian capital city located in New South Wales.

  • Located in the heart of Sydney, the Opera House is arguably the city's most recognizable landmark.

  • With a total GDP of 33.0%, New South Wales's economy is a sizable contributor to Australia's overall economy. Approximately 25% of Australia's GDP is generated in just Sydney.

  • Sydney is an excellent place to live as people from different cultures have settled in the city and live in harmony.


What Are Some of The Top Reasons International Students Want to Study in Sydney?


There’s actually a plethora of reasons why international students have made Sydney their favorite place for higher education. From education quality to living standards, Sydney does not fall short in any category. Let’s try to explore some of the top reasons behind Sydney’s immense popularity:


1. First-Class Education

First-Class Education Source: University of Sydney  

The universities in Sydney provide one of the best education in the world. Their universities regularly rank under the top 200 in QS World University Rankings 2023 and the Times Higher Education World Rankings 2023 list. The universities prepare graduates to get ready for highly competitive industry jobs and also to pursue further education and remain in academia by completing Ph.D. or post-doctoral degrees. All throughout the world, students seek admission to take advantage of the excellent teaching and learning resources and the high employment rates for graduates. There is a program for every student, thanks to the extensive catalog of internationally recognized degrees and certificates.


Sydney is home to reputable universities, such as University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Macquarie University, Western Sydney University, The University of Notre Dame, and University of Tasmania and they are ranked at the top 5 universities. The universities mentioned are our partners, as well. These institutions are also highly regarded as some of the best universities in Australia for international students.


2. Vibrant and Dynamic Culture


There is an abundance of exciting activities available to Sydney residents and students. Explore the lively downtown parks, pubs, cafes, and theater districts. Markets, dancing performances, art exhibitions, and fireworks displays are just some of the interesting cultural activities you may find happening every month. Plus, most events are entirely free! As an international student, you will get plenty of opportunities to make new friends through participating in new activities. As a result, you will blend in with the new culture quite easily and get involved with the community. The best thing about living in Sydney is that you will not only enjoy the Australian way of living but also experience other cultures from around the world as it is an integral part of Sydney’s history.


The Sydney Festival, Vivid Sydney Festival, Sydney WorldPride, the Royal Easter Show, and Sculpture by the Sea are just a few of the city's many notable annual festivals.


3. Sydney is Recognized as The Heart of Business


Sydney's low unemployment rate and high quality of life make it a great place for recent college grads to start their careers and make a name for themselves. Sydney is home to the best and brightest students in Australia, as it is home to some of the country's most prestigious educational institutions. As a result, Sydney has become the heart of business as more and more entrepreneurs are coming here for their start-ups and most importantly they are seeing the face of success. Sydney is also recognized as the leading financial center for its various aspects of contributions to the arts, culture, fashion, music, commerce, entertainment, and education. International students can find secure jobs during their studies and also right after their graduation. Hence, Sydney has become a lucrative destination for talented young individuals around the world.


4. Extensive Transportation Network


A good city’s value depreciates without a strong communication or transportation network system. Sydney surpasses other cities in Australia with its strong transportation network. The city of Sydney's public transit system is extensive, making it possible to get just about anywhere.


Sydney's bus system is vast and intricate, connecting virtually every part of the city. Long-distance travel is best accomplished by train; stations can be found either below or above ground, depending on the district in which they are situated.


5. Research and Job Opportunities

Research and Job Opportunities

Sydney’s universities excel at research opportunities after higher education degrees. Hence, you can carry on your studies through master's, Ph.D., or post-doctoral degrees and get involved with cutting-edge research, especially in the field of technology, AI, Physics, Biological and Medical research, and many more aspects. Furthermore, as a graduate of universities in Sydney, you will always get more priority in the international job market as they are more valued by recruiters.


Sydney has a lot of opportunities for employment due to its status as a huge, populous central city hub. More than 40% of Australia's top 500 corporations, 90% of international banks, 60% of information and communication technology companies, and 50% of professional service firms all have global or regional headquarters in Sydney, making it the economic powerhouse of Australia.


Volunteer opportunities abound in Sydney, as do student club reunions, international student conferences, and other events. As a student, you might find a lot of chances to network if you look for them. Many startup companies are also based in Sydney. Hence, international students can get real-life experiences in the job field in the early stages of their careers. Additionally, they can apply for internships for big businesses in Sydney, adding valuable experiences to their CVs.  Studying in Sydney may be the initial step toward a prosperous professional future.


6. Sydney is a Place of Natural Beauty


Apart from top-quality education and career prospects, Sydney’s natural beauty is a sight to behold. You will not ever get tired of experiencing the natural beauty of the city. In Sydney, if you attend one of the local universities, you will likely have easy access to a lovely green grassy area, ideal for picnics and outdoor study sessions. Relax at the Royal Botanic Gardens and take in the scenery as you study. Wendy's Secret Garden, a sculpture garden filled with colorful lilies, and the Chinese Garden of Friendship, located in Chinatown in Sydney, are two other options. The Centennial Parklands make a lovely place to get some work done.


Visit the Blue Mountains, Royal National Park, Wollemi National Park, Yengo National Park, or Nattai National Park for a day trip outside of the city. Apart from natural beauty and scenarios, Sydney is also an advanced city equipped with the most modern amenities.


7. Exquisite Cuisine


If you are a food enthusiast, then you would find Sydney as one of the most exciting and fascinating cities to live in. Those in Sydney have a serious passion for food. There is always something fresh and wonderful to try, from upscale restaurants and foodie epicenters to farmer's markets and hands-on cooking classes. Learn that food is important to the culture of the harbor city by meeting the chefs, foraging for greens, or enjoying a leisurely lunch.


Fantastic examples of multicultural cuisines can be seen all across Sydney. The Rock is one of the city's oldest areas, and it is home to many of the city's most popular bars, eateries, and cafes. Curry pie, Fantales, crab sticks, and other popular foods are available. On Saturdays and Sundays, locals and tourists alike flock to The Rocks Markets to peruse stalls selling authentic Australian apparel, accessories, and souvenirs.


8. Wonderful Weather 

Wonderful Weather

Sydney's reliably pleasant climate—with over 300 days of sunshine per year—makes everything seem effortless. You'll fall in love with the sunny climate whether you're riding bikes to get around, enjoying the beaches, or seeing everything that this amazing city has to offer. The pleasant temperatures encourage outside activities, and socializing with new acquaintances is a breeze. Take advantage of the outdoors by going surfing, hiking, paddle boarding, or just relaxing in a park. There is no shortage of ways to experience the distinctive Sydney way of life, from the city's beaches to its forests and beyond.


International students suffer in many countries due to harsh weather conditions. However, Sydney is completely opposite to what you might find in other places as its weather is almost perfect. It’s ideal if you are a fan of outdoor activities and you can live your life to the fullest in parallel to your studies.


9. Sustainable Sydney 


Another major benefit of choosing Sydney as your higher education destination is that Sydney is a highly sustainable city. It's clear that Sydney places a premium on environmental responsibility. In 2022, the Knight Frank Asia-Pacific Sustainability Index placed the city at #2 overall in Asia & Pacific and #1 in Australia.


A recent study ranked Sydney as the best city in terms of how well it is planned and managed to address the pressures of urbanization. This was based on a number of factors, including the city's high concentration of green spaces, the high proportion of green-rated commercial buildings (meaning they have a lower potential environmental impact and use less energy, water, and material resources), and so on. Sustainable practices are highly encouraged by global leaders and cities that implement such strategies are ideal for living. Hence, international students are prioritizing Sydney over other major cities in Australia due to its sustainable practices.


10. Sydney is Extremely Safe and Secure

Sydney is Extremely Safe and Secure

Transitioning to life in a new nation can be daunting. It's natural to feel anxious about the security of your new residence. Sydney is one of the safest cities in Australia, giving students the confidence to focus on their studies. The year 2021 found Sydney to be the fourth safest city in the world.


Providers of educational opportunities also go to great lengths to protect their students. In the event of an emergency, all universities in Sydney provide support for their students. Furthermore, their campuses are monitored 24/7 by CCTV cameras and security guards. Students can also dial emergency numbers to ask for any assistance they require. It is also easy to find safe and secure accommodation for international students all over Australia.


Also, Sydney boasts a diverse population. Due to the population's heterogeneity, people from various walks of life are generally treated with respect. All residents of Sydney feel extremely secure and safe while in their homes and also when they are in public places. The crime rate in the city is very low and the police force ensures the general safety of the public. Parents of international students mostly worry about the safety of their children as they are moving into a new city where they don’t usually have any prior acquaintances. However, Sydney’s safety features can assure almost every parent that their children will be safe in the city.




Sydney is not only one of the best cities for international students in Australia but also in the entire world. Highly vibrant, the city caters to students from all walks of life by providing them with access to numerous educational opportunities. Hence, a large proportion of students can find their dream subjects in universities in Sydney.


On top of that, the quality of life and education environment is highly favorable for students coming from different ethnicities, financial backgrounds, and education histories. You can get associated with a top-notch migration consultant to retrieve information regarding which universities offer the best scholarship opportunities and benefits depending on the subjects and course priorities.


Finally, Sydney is getting on top of the priority list of international students globally. Its popularity is only expected to rise in the future, making it more competitive to secure a chance to become a part of this unique experience of completing higher education at one of the universities in Sydney, Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Which is the best suburb for living in Sydney?

Answer: Crows Nest is considered the most liveable suburb in Sydney.


How much does an international student have to pay per week for accommodation?


Answer: It is generally a bit expensive for students to rent places in Sydney. You can expect to get shared rooms for A$227/week, private rooms for A$250/week, and an entire place for A$368/week.


What is the culture like in Sydney?


Answer: Sydney has a vibrant and multicultural cultural scene. Many of the individual cultures that comprise Sydney's mosaic are centered on cultural, artistic, ethnic, linguistic, and religious communities founded through waves of immigration.


What are the main reasons international students prefer Sydney over other cities?


Answer: The main reasons why international students prefer Sydney over other cities are because of top-quality education and great weather.


What are some of the biggest tourist attraction points in Sydney?


Answer: The Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, Royal Botanic Garden, and Art Gallery of New South Wales are some of the biggest tourist attraction points in Sydney.

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