Reasons to Study Nursing in Australia

The nation was immediately placed under lockdown last month when COVID-19 began to spread in Australia. Most of the firms were asked to close down, and the staff were made to remain at home.

However, more than 20,000 international students who have nursing registration have been granted special permission to work more than 40 hours a week, the highest allowable working hours in Australia for international students. This scenario is just a snapshot of the demand Australia has for nursing professionals’ services.

The Importance of Automotive Course in Australia and The Future

The world has changed greatly from horse-drawn carriages and diesel engines and new and state-of-the-art cars and machinery. Including cutting-edge technology and realistic, hands-on experience, automotive courses have general technical skills. And a future global market for automotive graduates and practitioners is in sight with the international initiative for the quest and production of reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly fuel and machinery.

Things to take care of in order to avoid an 485 visa rejection

Once you have completed your studies in Australia, the next logical step is to apply for a Temporary Graduate Work Visa. Not only does this allow one to work, live and study in the country, it is also a route to obtaining permanent residency (PR) as it provides you the required time duration to increase your point score in Australia by gaining work experience and Professional Year program, PTE, NAATI and so on..
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