Cyber Security is the Future: Why Choose Australia for Cyber Security Course?

Working remotely, especially from home is becoming a new normal. And for some it’s convenient, but it poses serious issues of cyber-security for others.

The threat posed by cybercriminals against companies operating in this new environment is very real and many are not prepared. A recent RMIT report on Australia’s digital skills gap revealed that 87% of workplaces in Australia require digital literacy, but fewer than 5% of those surveyed said work in the area of coding, programming, cybersecurity, blockchain, and cloud-based services would be comfortable.

Reasons to Study Hospitality in Australia

Choosing an occupation choice might usually be questionable. A degree in hospitality, however, is also regarded as a ticket to great work and way of life. Amongst the most important elements of any organization, hospitality stands out at its core.

One course that has seen an unabated increase in organisations and job opportunities with the growth of vacationers and the recurrence of their vacations, is the Diploma of Hospitality. There are a vast number of hotels, pubs, resorts, bistros, restaurants, cruise ships, bars, fast food stalls and coffeehouses, making the hospitality sector one of Australia’s largest employers. Hospitality is a worldwide industry. You can work anywhere worldwide and exchange your skills acquired in any industry, particularly with a hotel job, by gaining experience in hospitality.

Why Engineering Is A Promising Career In Australia?

Engineering, considered as one of the daunting fields of research, continues to draw hopeful aspirants because of its lucrative career path. Apart from the financial returns, there is a large potential to make a difference by improving the planet. Here are the top reasons why engineering courses should be studied:

Quality education: Australia has 7 of the top 100 universities for studying engineering based on the 2018-2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings’ for Engineering and Technology. Australia is a top choice for international students who one day aspire to become engineers. In addition, Australian degrees and qualifications are globally recognised and sufficient for overseas work opportunities.

Contribution: Australia also has a long list of accomplishments in engineering, such as the bionic ear, plastic disposable syringe, pacemaker, and many more. With its advanced technologies, strong government and private funding, regular advances are being made and new developments are being discovered to enhance the environment we call home.

Job prospects: With Australia’s need for more engineers, the market can be taken advantage of by engineering graduates. Australian engineering qualification holders are given preference during recruitment.

Prestige: Graduates from engineering universities / institutions in Australia, are highly respected for their skills, in-depth training and a passion for creativity. Degrees / qualifications in Australian Engineering are sought after in Australia and abroad.

Financially rewarding: It is not a secret that engineers are paid more than those in entry-level roles. And they are further amongst the higher paying brackets as engineers move into senior ranks.

Constant challenges: Aspiring engineers and experts have the potential to solve problems and difficulties. Throughout research and professional life, problem solving is a part and parcel of the everyday working life of an engineer. This is the same aspiration that motivates and encourages students and careers in engineering alike.

Curious minds: engineers often explore new ways of improving lives and ensuring protection for everyone. It could be about how to preserve non-renewable energy, how to preserve our infrastructure or how to create equipment to detect and cure diseases.

Contribution to society: as the world progresses, so do the challenges facing our community. Engineers have made enormous contributions to society as we know it, from steam machines, oil drills to medical devices and building safety. It is sufficiently proven that engineering can be a part of any project big or small that seeks to innovate, change, maintain and bring hope to humanity.

Technical accreditation: Engineers Australia, the professional association for engineers in Australia, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019, is responsible for the accreditation of undergraduate programmers.

Professional Year: A program designed to bridge the gap from research to jobs in Australia for graduates of engineering courses. Completing this year enables a smoother transition and improved employability by offering appropriate job experience for the industry. In Australia, successful completion of this year wins 5 points towards Permanent Residency.

Future plans Because there is a constant need for engineers across Australia in different industries, engineering related job seekers are encouraged to apply to Australia for visa sponsorship / migration. The Skilled Occupations List (SOL) and Combined Skilled Occupations List (CSOL) regularly list job titles such as civil engineers, materials engineers, mechanical engineers, plant engineers, electrical engineers and telecommunications engineers, to name a few. In your chosen profession and in Australia, we at PEFC Global are committed to helping you build your customised path to success.

Top 10 Nursing Jobs and Their Annual Package in Australia

Nursing as a career has a high demand and has always proved to be satisfying, both fiscally and emotionally. It also offers a chance to make a positive difference in people’s health and well-being.

If you are an overseas nurse looking to start a career in Australia, you can seek employment in the healthcare sector and choose from a wide range of specializations after completing your initial registration. We have described the top 10 highest paying ones below to help you select a route that fits your preferences, skills, and ambitions best.

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