Professional Year, Yes or No? The benefits of Professional Year for PR Pathway

The Professional Year Program (PYP) is one of the significant aspects of Australia’s well-designed education structure. The job-readiness program focuses on developing the student’s potential as a professional, bridging the gap between full-time study and getting a job in Australia. International students graduating from Australian universities can get relevant practical training during this one year program and develop insights that carve the path for their future career.

Teaching courses for international students to get PR Pathway

Being a teacher, you get to watch students learn and develop, which means there will be no compromise as far as job satisfaction is concerned. In addition, you will have so many excellent opportunities to progress your career. As one of the most respectable professions, it often gives the luxury of job security, holiday allowance, competitive salary, pension, and other benefits. If you are an international student looking for teaching courses, then here are the top courses that might interest you:

What is Regional Area Study, and How Can it Help You On The PR Pathway?

If you are an international student studying in Australia with a goal to settle in the country after completing your studies, you should know about Regional Area Study. The Australian government encourages international students to study in designated “Regional Areas” of the country. International students can live and study in these areas for two years to gain additional five points on their immigration points test for certain point-based visas. It makes acquiring PR relatively easier for international students.

Top 7 Challenges for International Students Who Study in Australia

Studying in Australia is an incredible experience for international students. It is a one of a kind experience that students remember forever. However, it is true that nothing good comes without some difficulties. If you are planning to study in Australia, then there will be challenges that you will have to face, and these are common challenges for nearly all international students. Still, in the end, it will be a positive learning experience, and it will shape your personality to become more confident and self-reliant. Knowing these challenges beforehand will prepare you to handle them in a better way, so let’s take a look at some of the most common challenges for international students who study in Australia.

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