NAATI CCL (Credentialed Community Language) Test assesses your ability to convey the meaning of a conversation from English to Language Other Than English (LOTE) and vice versa. It is a language testing system for the point-based visa applications made to the NAATI CCL test will be able to claim CCL points.

  • Migration Advantage for NAATI CCL test taker

    On clearing NAATI CCL test, individuals will be awarded 5 extra points towards your Australia Permanent Residency visa application.

  • Fee

    The current test fee is $800.

  • Book for NAATI CCL Test

    An individual has to apply for the test via online. Online address: Eligible applicant will be advised by an email.

  • How NAATI CCL work?

    A recording will be played which the test taker has to interpret or translate. Recording consists of 2 dialogues each of 300 words. Dialogue represents a conversation between a native English speaker & native LOTE speaker. Dialogues are divided into segments of maximum 35 words.

  • Duration of NAATI CCL Test

    Candidates are not provided with a specific time for their test. All candidates must be at the venue and checked in by 30 minutes before the session begins and must remain in the waiting room until they are called for their test.

  • If I pass the test can I work as an interpreter?


  • What skill do I need to pass the test?

    Fluent in English and your native language. Excellent listening skills and memory, ability to translate immediately after every dialogue finished.

You can have NAATI CCL coaching from PFEC Global associate partners. To know more, please call: Melbourne office: (03) 9620 1773; Sydney office: (02) 8378 4282