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Get Your Future Started With A Leading Education Consultancy in Australia

Education is one of the most important ways you can improve yourself. It helps you to better understand the world around you and how it functions, from an informed and critical perspective. Education opens your world up to possibilities, and it’s this concept that led to the formation of PFEC Global over 12 years ago. As a leading education consultancy, we’ve helped thousands of international students unlock their futures through local education. We understand that in an increasingly globalised world, more people are choosing to study or work abroad, and it’s our goal to act as a bridge between these people and Australia’s education system.

What Does An Educational Consultant Do? 

Education consultants in Sydney or Melbourne help students kickstart their experience studying abroad. We help them filter down their educational options to suit their needs and compile documentation and fill out applications for admissions, funding, health insurance and migration.

PFEC Global’s foreign education consultants in Melbourne and Sydney are dedicated to providing an informative, practical and consistent service to all. They’re experienced professionals with decades of collective experience, a sound understanding of application processes and extensive knowledge of the Australian higher education system. We pride ourselves on building A-grade rapport with all our stakeholders.

The Advantages Of Having A Reliable Education Consultant In Sydney

  • Access to reliable information
  • Prompt responses on applications
  • Guidance that makes for a smooth transition

Our Services 

Moving to a new country requires more than a suitcase and flight tickets. There are administrative, financial and legal aspects related to educational migration that must be addressed first. We work proactively to ensure that each client is given individual attention to help them through these processes. We help you to plan your future in the following ways:

  • Admission processes – apply to institutions of your choice, guided by our foreign education consultants in Melbourne and Sydney
  • Migration consultancy – apply for migration papers, facilitated by our specialist migration agents and student visa consultants
  • NAATI CCL training course in Sydney & Melbourne – we offer this course for international students in Australia who’d like to gain five points towards attaining Australian Permanent Residency.
  • PTE Course Melbourne – for candidates who don’t speak English as a primary language but want to study abroad. This course helps them to gain points towards securing an Australian Permanent Residency.
  • Professional Year Program – gain professional skills and experience in the Accounting, IT & Engineering sectors. It also helps student gain five points towards Australian Permanent Residency).

Let our top-tier Education Consultancy in Australia help you. Call PFEC on (03) 9620 1773 or (02) 8378 4282.


With over 8 years of providing world-class service to our customers, we can call our self as dynamic and customer centric asset based provider in town.

PFEC GLOBAL is one of the leading Education Consultancy in the Australia, recruiting International students from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Latin-America, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and more…

We offer personalised services at competitive prices. So far we have extensive experience and expertise in migration consultancy, and are registered with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

Since 2012 so many things have been changed in Australian International Education system and so we. Our qualified counselors have been trained to know inside-out of the current system and we always strive to learn new things.

Professional Accreditation

Professional Accreditation